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Yelwa Journey
Journey Stations: – Yalwa Falls – Hot Sulfur Water – Zoo. . The trip includes transportation from and to the hotel – Arabic guide – dinner. Tour details: Yelwa is a beautiful and charming city visited by Arab tourists, especially in spring and summer. The trip will be as follows: The journey starts from Istanbul, […]
Bursa City Tour
Bursa tourist tour from Istanbul, Bursa is a great city and worth a visit even a one day trip from Istanbul. Bursa Turkey or Green Exchange (Turkish Bursa) It is located in north-west Turkey and mediates between the cities of Istanbul and Ankara on the Sea of Marmara and is classified as the fourth largest […]
The Sabange and the Mesopotamian Journey
Tour Details: Start from your hotel. The places we visit: exhibitions of jam. After that we visit the waterfalls of Al Maashufia and then visit Mount Karateb and then the famous Ottoman Restaurant and then visit Sabenge Lake. The flight is available as follows: A tour within a tour group in a modern Mercedes bus. […]
Trip of Sheila Agui
Details of the tour: From the hotel where you are staying, we visit the hidden lake and then the river Jaksu River fishermen and lunch on the banks of the river and then take a boat tour and then go to the Black Sea to breathe the beautiful air and enjoy the sounds of waves […]
Princess Islands Trip
The reason for naming princesses islands Many wonder why the island of princesses was named by this name: Prens Adaları – The story of the island of the princesses in Istanbul came from the Byzantines princesses who were deported to this place in the Byzantine era. It was then transformed into a special resort for […]
The Basphur
The Norsen Tripps team will accompany you to visit the most important areas along the Bosphorus. The journey is 8 hours long and passes through several landmarks where the journey will proceed as follows: We will head to the famous Dolmabahce Palace, one of Istanbul’s most famous landmarks, built by Sultan Abdul Majeed in the […]
Evening of the magnificent Bosphorus
The most beautiful Arabian Evening in the Bosphorus Straits The largest and most prestigious vessels that roam the Bosphorus for three hours with dance parties and singing Arabic and Turkish with an open buffet dinner while at the same time see the tourist attractions scattered on the outskirts of the Bosphorus Strait very beautiful atmosphere […]
Castle of Marmaris
It is an ancient historical castle in the Turkish city of Marmaris, built by the Greeks in 1044 BC and then destroyed. It was rebuilt in 1522 by Suleiman the Magnificent, where it was used as a military base. The castle today contains many artifacts and artifacts, including jewels, coins, textile works. , Brass, kitchenware, […]
Hot Springs in Polo
Mineral springs are located 7 km from the center of the city of Polo. These springs are famous for their proximity to the famous Abant Lake and the main road between Ankara and Istanbul, so it has become an important destination for tourists coming to the Turkish polo in the winter. Contain fluorine which is […]
The village of Naturkoy
It has a nature unlike anything else. The mountains on the one hand and the beauty of nature on the other make the place at the top of magnificence, especially in the spring and summer. A small lake is formed by pouring several rivers, and there are some kinds of animals such as ducks, rabbits, […]
Cappadocia balloon
The most important tourist destination in Kappadocia is Turkey. The most important tourist attraction in Cappadocia is the incomparable journey of embracing nature. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey. If you want to entertain yourself, enjoy this great experience. To change your mental state of the best is remarkable, where […]
Rize Castle
The castle is located on a hill covered with plants located in the south-west of the Turkish city of Riza. The castle of Riza consists of two buildings, an underground building. This has been destroyed by the population encroachment on this area. Only the wall remains. The internal building is located so far. And rises […]
Sultan Water City
110 Sultanahmet City was inaugurated in 2002 in the city of Fethiye Turkey with 10 water slides, a 140 cm swimming pool and a deep plunge pool. Alongside the slides and swimming pools for children and the city are designed according to European leisure and safety standards
Bursa Falls
The Sa’idabad waterfall is located several kilometers from the heart of Bursa city, in an area called the Kastlya waterfall of Saidabad, known as the Saitabat şelalesi, which is one of the most important of the Bursa Falls. It is located in an area surrounded by green meadows. The Kurekali waterfall is Küreklidere Şelalesi. The […]
The city of Armotel in Yelwa province
Ermutlu located within Yelwa province east of the Sea of Marmara, where the distance from the center of the city of Yelwa about 55 of the most beautiful tourist places in Yelwa, where the village has a special tourist characterized by its beauty and organization unique and this has become the focus of the attention […]
Copprolo Valley
Koprölü Kanyon is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Antalya. It is famous for the beauty of its nature and its magnificent Roman ruins, such as the old Jarsalroman, which is still in use today. There are many wild animals such as deer, bears, rabbits and mountain goats. Water and camping, the Koprolo […]
Ataturk Palace Trabzon
Ataturk White Palace is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Trabzon, Turkey. The palace was built in 1890 and has been restored to its present form.
Bathroom Sultan Mehramah
Turkish bath Built by the Ottoman architect known as “Sinan” Turkma Sultan’s daughter, “Mehramah”, the bathroom offers the services of traditional Turkish bath and is characterized by the presence of two swimming pools. Cold and hot, and the prices are somewhat low
İstanbul Dolphinarium
Istanbul is considered a dolphinarium One of the largest and most beautiful centers of dolphin offers in the continent of Europe, where the dolphins are held throughout the year until the winter and provides the possibility to identify dolphins close and is one of the most beautiful Istanbul theme parks
Nusrat Istanbul Restaurant
Nusrat restaurant in Istanbul is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul. It is a great place to cook and offers a wide selection of food and dishes, including meat and other. The restaurant is wide and offers excellent views. The prices are relatively high in the restaurant
One of the most beautiful palaces of Istanbul, the DOLMABAHCE Palace has symbolized the splendor and prosperity of the ages through its design and the cost of its massive construction. The cost of building the DOLMABAHCE Palace is 35 tons of gold.
Garden  FLORIA Istanbul
The park has many facilities, including children’s games, a racetrack, a walkway, a cafe, and a restaurant. The prices in the restaurant and coffee shop are very reasonable, because it is also the property of the Municipality of Floria Istanbul.  
The copper market
One of the most popular markets in Istanbul is the copper market, which is known for its specialty of selling copper products from handicrafts. The copper market is located in Istanbul’s Beyazit area, a historical market favored by tourists for souvenir pieces that give an impression of Turkey’s culture through its old handicrafts
Keelios Beach
Kellios is one of the most important beaches in Istanbul. Yatimz is a sandy beach filled with tourists in the summer on the Black Sea and easily accessible from the center of Istanbul. The beach includes several cafés and restaurants offering many options among Turkish and international specialties It is one of Istanbul’s most beautiful […]
Sultan Ahmed mosque  SULTAN AHMET CAMII
Sultan Ahmed Mosque known as the Blue Mosque and is one of the most beautiful and famous mosques in Istanbul, unique in its six and distinct from the rest of the mosques. It holds four minarets and is considered one of the most famous landmarks in Sultanahmed ‘


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