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Princess Islands Trip

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The reason for naming princesses islands

Many wonder why the island of princesses was named by this name: Prens Adaları – The story of the island of the princesses in Istanbul came from the Byzantines princesses who were deported to this place in the Byzantine era. It was then transformed into a special resort for the Ottoman monarchs and princesses of that era, because it is characterized by its unique characterization of other islands, consisting of a group of nine islands Grand Island “Island of Princesses Biok Adda”, Island Saddle Bag, Castle Island,Henna Island, Mother of Pearl Island, Flat Island, Acute Island, Island Spoon, Rabbit Island. As well as islands far from the main center of the city of Istanbul.

The dates and when the tours of the Princesses Islands begin
The dates of the island tours from Kabatash start at 6:50 am to 19:40. The best time to visit Princess Island is on all days of the week, except for the weekly holiday on Sunday. Where ferries begin to Island Princesses. At 07:00 to 19:30. According to tourism experts, the timing of the flights of the princesses is better than the ferry from the port of Kabatash

At 09:30 and return at 16:30.
As for the dates of the trip of the princesses of Amenino start at 06:40 am to 23:00 pm

The best time to go to Princess Island is on all weekdays except Sunday starts at 07:30 and ends at 23:00

And the best dates to visit the island of Princesses from 10:10 to 18:40 pm.
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The tour is available as follows:

A tour within a tour group in a modern Mercedes bus.

A trip within a private Mercedes Sprinter car.

A trip within a private car Mercedes Vito.

Price Sprinter: $ 125.

Price Mercedes Vito: $ 110.

The price for the car includes only tours and fees for transportation of roads, not including lunch and entry of tourist places.

Price per person with tour group: $ 50 Price includes lunch, tour, transfers to and from the hotel and tour guide who speaks Arabic.
Group price: Includes lunch, caravans, tour guide and chariot ride.